Finding him Again

    My name is Carrie Bailey. I was saved and baptized at the age of 7. I was raised in church and believing in God, but at the age of 10 my parents separated leaving our church life broken. 

    As I got older I pushed further and further away from God. I began living a worldly life. My priorities at the age of 16 were to fit in. When my mother remarried, I fell me into a bitter state of mind and I began blaming everyone for my problems. When I turned 18, I moved out of my mother's home into a world of chaos, taking each day as it came. 

    Josh, my husband, and I moved into an apartment together still living as worldly people. We lived carelessly and did not listen to that small voice that was telling us to change for the better. It was only when my husband and I began to undergo many emotional and physical obstacles that I began to pray again.  

    When we turned 20 my first son, Elijah, was born and changed my life. I felt a new maternal instinct and wanted to do right by him, so we entered Elijah into a Christian daycare. My husband and I figured we were doing our part in helping him learn about God and we never pushed any further to pursue a relationship with the Lord. Three years later Ethan was born and we entered him into the same daycare.  As they both became older, I started feeling like something was missing but I couldn't quite figure out what that was. Elijah began to misbehave at home and at school, so I prayed to God asking what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do. The next day I was picking the kids up from school and Elijah said,” Mom, I want to go to the place where you meet Jesus". Tears came to my eyes as I realized God was answering my prayers. 

    That next Sunday, the boys and I went to FAM where my grandparents have been members for a long time. The people welcomed me and I felt such peace. While Josh was still resistant to come to church, the boys and I continued attending. Within the first two Sundays of coming, I felt the Holy Spirit wash through me. All I could do was weep. I felt at peace with my past and I left every Sunday knowing God was going to take care of everything in my future. It felt like that "childlike" faith I had been missing and running from all those years. One Sunday as I was on my way to church, Josh called and said I had left my Bible at home. He was going to bring it to me and stay for the service. That was the first Sunday we went to FAM as a family. 

    Since then God has made us into a stronger family and worked for and through us. Day by day we continue to praise God, thanking him for everything he has done for us. We have not only become a stronger family, but we have been added to the body of Christ here at FAM. 


Amanda Singleton