Trust in Him

My name is Tabitha Denton. I started going to FAM when I was just a baby. My mom would take me to church every Sunday and Wednesday night. My mom and I were pretty active in the church until I was about thirteen years old. That’s when we started to stray from church. Things had happened in our lives that pulled us away from our church family. In that time I had stopped reading my Bible as much as I should have and ignored the feelings of being at a dead end with my spiritual life. I prayed a lot and never lost sight of God, but I couldn’t help but feel something was missing.

    My grandma made an effort to call me every Sunday and ask me if I wanted to go to church, but walking back into a church for the first time can be a little intimidating when you haven’t been in a while. After declining her offers many times I finally gave into the pull in my spirit telling me that God was not giving up on me, and I went with her. 

    I was so nervous going back that first Sunday, but once I got there I felt the burden lift off of my shoulders. The people were so kind and genuine. I already knew I was taking a step into the right direction. I felt God’s presence in my life like I did when I was younger.

    My husband Colby started going to FAM when we started dating. He grew up in church, and his mom had always made sure God was the center of his and his brother’s lives. He always felt close to God, but always longed to be closer. He was searching for a church family that would challenge him spiritually and be there for him in his walk with God. Just like me he was intimidated when he first stepped into FAM church, but for a different reason. He was intimidated because he had never experienced worshipping God so openly like the people do here, but you can feel God’s presence and love whenever you step into FAM.

   It didn’t take long at all for us to feel at home in FAM church. The church family and pastoral team really love God and want to worship Him in everything they do and you can tell that. We feel that God has placed FAM church in our lives at the right time, and He has blessed us greatly through this church and its people.

   We may have fallen a couple of times, but God always has a way of pulling us back to Him and FAM has been one of the things that has pulled us back. God truly has opened our eyes to how important it is to fellowship with other Christians, and to be a part of the body of Christ. God has blessed us with such good friends in this church, but more importantly we are growing more spiritually than ever before. We are so happy to finally know how it feels to have a church family.

Amanda Singleton