My name is Kathleen Gordon. My husband, Sam, and I started attending FAM church after our friend recommended the church. We were searching for a church that would fulfill our spiritual wants and needs.

            Growing up, church became a dead ritual to me. I would go to different events and services; and all the while I was going through the motions. I remember when I was 16 I asked myself, “Why am I doing this?” No one had ever shared the Gospel with me by saying, “If you ask Christ into your heart, you will be saved.” I believed in God and Jesus, but I had never made the conscious decision to ask him into my heart.

            My Mom persuaded me to attend Liberty University.  When I went, I was immersed into a spiritual and Biblical culture that was very foreign to me. In September of 2008, Tony Nolan came to Campus church and was preaching. I wasn’t planning on attending that night (due to a lot of homework), but the Holy Spirit was prompting me to go. This is a nice way to put Tony Nolan’s sermon from that night: “If you have never confessed your sin to Jesus Christ and have never accepted Him into your life, you might need to question where you’re going in the afterlife.” I felt that he was speaking directly to me. I went to the floor and surrendered my whole life to Jesus. For the first time in my whole life, I felt the weight of sin finally lift off my shoulders.

            Although I became a Christian then, I was torn between my previous identity of what I thought it was to be a Christian and letting Christ reinvent my life. All the while, I was bullied and harassed by my roommates and hall mates. I fell into a clinical depression. I remember lying in bed one day and thinking, “God, are you even real?”, but God has delivered me from that way of thinking.

            God has done so much in my life since then and I am so thankful for FAM church. I have never been to a church that was so warm and welcoming. I love everyone here. They all feel like a second family.

Amanda Singleton